Civilian Pirate Radio

Est-West video installation shown at Kyiv pavilion of Culture (Ukraine) on may 23rd 2024. And in Douarnenez (France) two days after.

As a part of my researches on vibrations & impressions as a journalistic tool - hypothesis that vibrations and impressions are closer to someone’s reality than information is - I decided to explore the musical response to the war in Ukraine from the perspective of the civilians.

Under martial law, men in Ukraine are first drafted into regular military service and can later be mobilised to fight on the frontline by the government. Since February 2022, the martial law in effect has prohibited men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country, unless they obtain an exemption.

Inspired by what Hakim Bey defined as immediatism, or the philosophy of flow in Tao, the film was entirely shot along the line of a self-made dogma purposly trying to avoid pre-determinism : Record direct and first encounters with a situation or a person, make as little cuts as possible, shoot everything on a « dumb-phone » to avoid economical (and therefore political) constraints, no postprod, no grading.

Sound editing by : Tony Hayère

Translations : Oksana Mokhnenko

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